Funhouse Creations
would not exist if it were not for our elves…

The elves are the ones who
happily tackle improbable projects, joyously work all hours of the day and night

& continuously keep us smiling with their outrageous generosity and
unbelievable humor!

marilyn   – Whether she’s working miracles with fabrics or feeding hungry folks in the desert, she sounds like a saint, but she’s got a wicked sense of humor and can really cut a rug.
rebecca – the GENIUS behind the COOL NEON Kaleidoscope, Rebecca continuously impresses us
all with her creativity and productivity!  Her most beautiful creation is
Skylar James Cravottableau whom she created with her husband Nick.
nick – Rebecca’s husband, Nick has done all of the programming on the Cat-09, and is
the person to talk to for any custom applications on the Cat-09.  Benny and
Nick have been wrestling literally and metaphorically their entire lives.
joe – A master of sound bites and a spokesman for alternative transportation and sane living, we’re glad to have Joe on our side.
tom – Tom stopped being an electrical engineer because he no longer wanted to enslave the electron. Altruism aside, we’re glad he came out of the garden to design much of the CAT-09 circuitry, and to create the TOM-CAT.
dan – Local area networking specialist and game programmer par excellence.  Until recently, 1/3 of the Funhouse.  Everyone who’s seen him in Golden Gate Park is impressed with his skating, but that’s NOTHING until you’ve seen him jump and grind at the Funhouse!
judy – Judy has a way with plants, animals, and people. Herbalist to the elves and nurse-practitioner, she’s also rocks us as the in-house DJ.
cam – Cam has a magic touch and a heightened aesthetic sensibility when it comes to all matters lighting. He’s also a brilliant contact juggler… ask him to play with his balls!
scott Scott     – Our secret agent elf. He’ll take care of it for you even before you know you need it done!  Stay tuned for details of his new movie”Replica”.
bencrop Benny name
– Owner of Cool Neon and Captain of Team Fun, he’s our much-loved, fearless leader. He conducts business with smiles and good will.
– Ellen; fire spinner extraordinaire, is the great woman who is Benny’s complement.

– Gian is the new guy so give him as much grief as possible!
tara – If you’ve ever even considered building a dome, you’ve probably stumbled across desertdomes.com, Tara’s site. And if you ever have built a dome, you’ll probably be thankfully kneeling before her mechanical genius if you ever run across her. Although she’s always fixing or creating something, most recently she’s designed the new and improved CAT-09 housing!
gary – Gary provides
indispensable technical advice in the area of material science.  When he’s
not being an elf or inventing in his own workshop, he’s an EPA Consultant…not to mention his 24/7 job of being Cynthia’s husband!
Amy – Amy once skated all the way to San Diego, and lived at the Funhouse for seven years.  Some of her more extreme creative
writing can be read in “Viscera.”
Patt – Team
Fun’s First Apostle, & a blunt Argentine to boot! She’s the owner
of the most adorable dog in Oakland.
Tony – Tony! He’s
known as monkeyboy around these parts, and we couldn’t have asked for a better monkey! We say this with all the love in the world!  “It’s all
good”, says our amazable monkeyboy and we couldn’t agree more!
Dave – Dave knows how to do just about anything, and that includes keeping Benny organized. With a gruff voice and a sweet heart, he keeps the elves focused on the task at hand.
Karen – Physicist extraordinaire, Karen and Benny have been working on projects together for over half of Benny’s life! They have created some amazing things.  Typically when people look at Benny’s projects they say, “WOW! I can’t believe you made that!” but Karen’s toys are so well executed people say, “where did you buy that”!
Chris – A biologist by training and an Alaskan at heart, Chris chose the clown loach to be the prototype playafish, and was instrumental in the playafish design.

To all of our elves:   thank you!