Collection: Cool Neon Raw Wire

Cool Neon wire is the highest quality EL wire available and comes with the BEST customer support.

Raw Cool Neon EL Wire is sold by the foot at any length and requires a solder joint to glow.  You can solder it yourself following our soldering instructions or order a Custom Solder Joint. If you'd like to get your Cool Neon ready to glow, look in Instant Gratification for pre-soldered wire in 5-, 10- and 20- foot lengths.

Spools of Cool Neon wire are available for purchase and ready for immediate shipping.  Spool lengths vary depending on our inventory.  High Bright 2.6mm and Hella Phat 5.0mm are commonly 328 or 492 feet; Angel Hair 1.2mm, Standard 2.3mm, and Phat 3.2mm are commonly 820 feet.  Please contact us for pricing and availability at 510-547-5878 or

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